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Rowan House Residential Care Home

Statement of Purpose

This statement outlines our Aims, Objectives and Philosophy of Care. Should any question arise from the statement, the management team will be happy to discuss any points or concerns.

The rights of our Residents are our primary concern and so our philosophy of care reflects this in the services and environment we provide and in our encouragement of the Residents to exercise their rights to the full.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide high quality care to meet the specific needs and wishes of our Residents.

We aim to offer and provide high quality care with sensitivity and understanding in a warm, happy and comfortable environment.

A care plan will be formulated individually to support each Resident's needs allowing independence and privacy and upholding their dignity in the following ways:


Providing help in a discreet way when dealing with Residents' intimate needs.

Allowing and helping Residents to personalise their rooms to their own taste, and enabling them to use their rooms for meals, leisure and entertaining if they wish.

Offering Residents the choice of where and with whom they spend their time.

Giving privacy to receive and make telephone calls if they wish, to open and read mail and see visitors and advisors.

Ensuring information regarding each Resident remains confidential.


Disabilities can undermine dignity - to avoid this, each Resident will be treated as a valued individual by assisting them to maintain as close a lifestyle of their own as possible. This is achieved by ensuring they have their own clothing and that their personal appearance is as they wish. Also, in offering a range of activities enabling Residents to express themselves as individuals, we try to eliminate any discrimination that may occur through physical or mental disability.


We understand that our Residents have given up a great deal of their independence when they become part of a communal group residing in a Care Home. We therefore encourage Residents to continue to use every opportunity to think and act for themselves by providing personal and technical assistance in a tactful way, maximizing each Resident's ability for self care, interaction with others and continuing normal daily living activities unaided.

We will assist Residents to take reasonable and informed risks.

We will encourage and promote contacts with activities and interests outside the Home,and encourage Residents to be involved with and contribute to their care-plan and its recording, thereby encouraging Residents to continue to use every opportunity to think and act for themselves by providing personal and technical assistance in a tactful way.


The Home is friendly and comfortable, and aims to provide a safe homely environment. We have a range of equipment to assist with all aspect of daily living including equipment to aid mobility, various hoists, pressure relieving mattresses and cushions, bed rails and a 5 person passenger lift.

All rooms are furnished, but Residents are welcome of bring in any of their favourite items and pictures if they wish.

We also have assisted bathing facilities for Residents who need help to bathe.

Individual dietary needs and choices are catered for by a dedicated cook.

Service Provider

Mrs. A. Hurley is the owner of the Home and service provider. She is on site at Rowan House on a day to day basis.

The Registered Manager is Mrs. Angela Hurley

and a team of 14 staff cover day and night duties at the home, ensuring continuity of care.
Most staff are trained to or working towards levels NVQ 2 and 3 in Care.

All staff undergo training in Fire Safety, First Aid, Abuse Prevention, Dementia Awareness, Moving and Handling and Basic Food Hygiene.

The staff have a wide range of experience to cover the needs of the Residents and offer high quality care.


The Home is registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) following the introduction of the Care Standards Act in April 2000, and we specialize in the care of elderly people especially those diagnosed with Dementia.

We can accommodate Residents in the OP (Elderly), DE(E) (Dementia over 65 years of age) DE over 55 years of age & MD over 55 years of age.

The Home can accommodate 16 Residents at any one time.

All Residents are assessed prior to admission to ensure that as far as is possible we can meet all the individual needs and requirements to guarantee a comfortable and happy stay with us.

We are a secure unit facility and operate a closed door policy to maintain the safety of Residents who may have a tendency to wander outside the Home

We are not registered as a Nursing Home, but enlist the services of the local
District Nursing Team for support when required.

Moving On

Most people will have chosen Rowan House to be their home for life, but should the Home be unable to meet the care needs of the Resident, a move to a Nursing Home may be appropriate, and full support will be given.


We try to provide stimulating activities and entertainment for any Resident who wishes to participate.

We have various games and indoor activities, and the Residents are encouraged and assisted to pursue their own hobbies and interests.

We have weekly manicure sessions, make cakes and biscuits, help the Residents write letters and cards, we encourage an interest in the garden,
and Residents can relax outside on warm days. We have regular gentle armchair exercises to music, and provide books and magazines of interest.

We have regular entertainers to the home who provide music for
Sing-a-longs which are enjoyed by all, and visitors are welcome to join us.

Health and Personal Care

We try to ensure that the Resident's privacy and dignity is preserved during the delivery of health and personal care.

We refer to the appropriate professionals to meet the health needs of each Resident.

We produce with each Resident a plan of care based on the initial assessment. This is updated on a monthly basis, and any changes in the care needs are recorded and all members of staff made aware of them.

Daily Operation of the Home

There is a basic daily structure around which the Home is run, but with flexibility provided to meet the individual's needs. We regularly talk to the Residents, relatives and staff to hear their views to assess the quality of service we offer and learn whether they are satisfied, or if they have any ideas for change or improvement that may be of benefit to all.

Religious Needs

Residents may attend Religious services at Rowan House, or at local places
of Worship as they wish. Arrangements for transport or an escort should be made with relatives or friends if possible. Residents have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time in the privacy of their own rooms.


We hope Residents and their families will treat the home as their own and so we have an open visiting policy.

All visitors are welcome and we will try to ensure that privacy is available if required.

We do ask that visitors bear in mind that certain times of the day are busy and visits can be planned accordingly.

Fire Precautions

The Home has a written policy in the event of a fire.

It has an audible fire alarm system, emergency lighting, smoke and heat detectors and some automatically closing doors, the remainder being kept closed at all times.

The system is serviced and maintained as per the statutory requirements and all staff undergo regular training and updates sessions to ensure everyone's safety.

In the event of a fire, all Residents and visitors should follow the instructions of the senior carer on duty.


If a Resident, relative or visitor has a complaint about any aspect of the running of this Home, it should in the first instance be taken up with the Provider (Mrs A. Hurley). If you are dissatisfied with the response, or need further information regarding your rights and the standards you may expect, you may wish to contact the following organisations:-

Local Authority Social Services
The Manager
Social Services OP
Marlands House
Civic Centre Road
SO14 7PR

Tel. No. 02380 834852
CSCI (Commission for Social Care Inspection)
4th Floor Overline House
Blechynden Terrace
SO15 1GW
02380 821300

If you are dissatisfied by the response from the CSCI, you can complain to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. The Parliamentary Ombudsman will only deal with complaints which have been referred to him by an MP.

Care Plans

The care provided is based on a thorough assessment of a wide range of needs and a systemic and continuous plan of care for each Resident.

All Residents are re-assessed every month to monitor their condition and Care needs, any changes are recorded in their care-plans and all staff advised accordingly.


The physical environment is designed for the Resident's convenience and comfort which includes:

  • Maintaining buildings and grounds in a safe condition.
  • Ensuring communal areas are safe and comfortable.
  • Ensuring toilet, washing and bathing facilities are suitable for the Residents in our care, specialist equipment being available to maximize and maintain Residents independence.

To comply with health and safety requirements all radiators are fitted with guards, and any hot pipe- work surfaces are protected to prevent contact burns.

We also have anti-scalding thermostatic valves on all baths and basins so that the hot water cannot be dispensed above 43 Deg C .

Provision of accommodation that meets the national minimum care standards act is achieved throughout the Home and is a prime directive.

Ensuring Residents have safe and comfortable bedrooms with their own personal possessions around them.

Ensuring the premises are kept clean and hygienic and free from odours with suitable systems in place to control the spread of infection.

Residents rooms within the Home consist of seven double rooms and two single rooms, all of which meet the size requirements laid down by the Care Standards Commission regarding an existing Care Home.

The Home has a pretty garden consisting of a lawned area with borders of flowers and shrubs, and a paved patio for Residents to sit and enjoy the sunshine.This area is secured for Residents' safety by boundary walls and fencing.

Choice of Home

The choice of a Care Home for you or your loved one is always a difficult decision. We hope to provide as much information as possible to aid that decision in an easy format and as required by the Care Standards Act 2000.

To make the right choice it is advisable to visit several Homes and talk to the proprietors or managers, to get a feel of the place, and see if it will be suitable for you or your relative/friend.

Management and Administration

The leadership of the Home is crucial in all its operations. In providing the quality of leadership deemed necessary to meet the requirements of this establishment, we undertake to employ a Registered manager who is qualified, competent and experienced to carry out the task.

  • To use a managerial approach that creates an open, inclusive and positive atmosphere.
  • To supervise all staff and volunteers, regularly and carefully.
  • To keep records on all aspects of the Home and its Residents both accurately and up to date.
  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of Residents and staff is promoted and protected at all times.

All staff are trained in the caring of the elderly and persons with dementia. Training is continuous and is recorded accordingly on staff files.

Mrs. Hurley has worked in the Care Home sector since 1990.


Should any Resident be without personal representation then advice can be sought through Mrs. Hurley who will contact an external advocacy service to provide that person with impartial representation should they wish to do so.

Inspection Reports

The Home is inspected on a regular basis by Inspectors from the C.S.C.I.
A copy of our latest inspection report is available in the entrance vestibule
of the Home.

Mrs. Hurley will be very happy to discuss or explain any of the points in it at any time.

In conclusion we hope that everything in the Home is driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of the Residents rather than by staff and management desires.

Whilst this is not always easy to achieve we will endeavor to maintain this as the focus of our policies, services, activities, resources and facilities.

A declaration of the Rights of Residents in the Home

1. Be encouraged and helped to maintain a high quality of life.
2. Be encouraged to maintain independence.
3. Have their privacy respected.
4. Be treated with dignity.
5. Have their human, emotional and social needs respected.
6. Be encouraged to follow the religion of their choice.
7. Be addressed as they wish.
8. Not to be discriminated against on grounds of race, religion, sex, colour or disability.
9. Be cared for in a manner similar to that which would be given by a caring relative in their home.
10. Be encouraged to handle their own medicines when competent to do so.
11. Be able to retain the doctor of their choice.
12. Receive medical and nursing care in private.
13. Be entitled to all the common facilities available to other people living elsewhere in the locality.
14. Be encouraged to discuss their care and needs with the owner/manager of the home.
15. Be cared for by adequate and appropriately trained staff.
16. Be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time.
17. Have the right to consult their own solicitor.
18. Choose to reside in any home they wish.
19. Feel at "Home".
20. Be provided with adequate accommodation.
21. Be encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home.
22. Have access to a telephone.
23. Be provided with nourishing, appetizing and adequate food.
24. Be encouraged to participate in recreational facilities.
25. Be able to complain about the quality of care received in a home.
26. Be given value for money.
27. Enjoy a continuing relationship with a home.
28. Have a contract of residence and a brochure.
29. Be encouraged to take pride in their clothing and personal appearance.
30. Have access to the political process and have their political beliefs respected.

Our Philosophy of Care

The aims of Residential Care are to provide security for the Residents of the Home and to ensure that they are fully aware of this.

To provide a homely and caring environment in which Residents can, and will be encouraged to, determine the pattern of their lives.

To provide a Home that will meet positively, each Resident's needs.

A Home where the Residents enjoy companionship from those employed to care for them.

A Home where the conflicting emotional factors occuring in group living are understood and resolved with tact and sensitivity.

A Home in which a satisfying community involvement is fostered, and maintained, and that is rich in opportunities for social, intellectual and spiritual development.

To this end, our view is that Homes should;

  • Encourage and help Residents to maintain a high quality of life.
  • Be well maintained and furnished to provide a bright, cheerful and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Provide facilities to afford Residents the opportunity of meeting each other, thus fostering companionship and friendship between them.
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of the Residents.
  • Welcome and provide hospitality for visiting friends and relatives and, within reason, not place restrictions upon such visits.
  • Where possible, preserve the pattern of life previously enjoyed by Residents in their own homes.
  • Give encouragement to those who wish to pursue their religious persuasion, whether it be by church attendance or by visits from clergy.
  • Request visits by Residents' own doctors and provide full sympathetic and supportive care during periods of illness.
  • Provide a varied and well balanced diet.
  • Observe the principles of the Resident's Charter, and the "Aims & Objectives of the Home".